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ACS Synthetic Biology
Free sample issue of a new journal in synthetic & systems biology
ACS Synthetic Biology
Free sample issue of a new journalin synthetic & systems biology

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Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (ACS Publications)

Description: by MA Lie - 2011 - Related articles

Journal of the American Chemical Society (ACS Publications)

Description: Publishes recent advances in all areas of chemical research.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (ACS Publications)

Description: Jun 16, 2011 ... Romina D. Di Paola Naranjo , Mara Vernica Baroni , Natalia Soledad Podio , Hctor Ramn Rubinstein , Mara Paula Fabani , Ral G. Badini ...

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (ACS Publications)

Description: Jun 16, 2011 ... Publishes original research on the correlation of molecular structure with pharmacological activity. Includes contents with structures and ...

Accounts of Chemical Research (ACS Publications)

Description: In short critical articles, offers an easy-to-read overview of basic research and applications in all areas of chemistry and biochemistry.

The Journal of Physical Chemistry B (ACS Publications)

Description: Just Accepted Manuscripts. Just Accepted manuscripts are peer-reviewed and accepted for publication. They are posted online prior to technical editing, ...

Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (ACS Publications)

Description: by MA Lie - 2011 - Related articles

Analytical Chemistry (ACS Publications)

Description: Peer-reviewed research journal and magazine that explores the latest concepts in measurements, accuracy, selectivity, sensitivity, and reproducibility.

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