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Oakton Community College

Description: Campuses in Des Plaines and Skokie, IL. Admissions, academics, resources and services, news and events, corporate training and continuing education.

RFID Program, Oakton Community College

Description: Oakton's objective of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Program is to prepare students for RFID opportunities in the workplace.

How to set up My WebCT

Description: Dec 6, 2000 ... A) Online IDs and Passwords. When you enroll in any Oakton course, including Online courses, you are automatically assigned a login ID and ...

Oakton Community College - Great Books

Description: Great Books. The Great Books Program at Oakton encourages faculty and students to explore cultural themes through discussion of literary, historical, ...

Oakton Community College - New Students

Description: New Students. Welcome to Oakton Community College! As you browse our Web site, you will see why thousands of students choose Oakton as their first-choice ...

Vietnam: Yesterday and Today

Description: Vietnam: Yesterday and Today provides information on the Vietnam War and vietnam today and includes a chronology and characteristics of the war, ...

Oakton Community College - Adult Students

Description: Adult Students. You are about to enter a college community filled with outstanding faculty, promising academic experiences, supportive student services , ...

Oakton Community College - Peace and Social Justice Studies

Description: Peace and Social Justice Studies. The Peace and Social Justice Studies Program at Oakton Community College is committed to the study and discussion of ...

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