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Keyword: "phonological chart" Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Description: Omniglot - a guide to the languages, alphabets, syllabaries and other writing systems of the world

Description: Details of just about every alphabet and of many languages, useful phrases, tips on learning languages, and much more. Scribd

Description: Scribd is a social publishing site, where tens of millions of people share original writings and documents. Scribd's vision is to liberate the written word. St. Rita School for the Deaf

Description: TeachingEnglish | British Council | BBC

Description: Dictionary and Thesaurus - Free Online at Your Dictionary

Description: YourDictionary is a free online dictionary that offers definition search from Webster's dictionary for word meanings and thesaurus. Use this dictionary search as a crossword or scrabble dictionary. Also find legal dictionary, technical words, glossary, foreign language translation, medical dictionary, and rhyming dictionary lists.

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